We welcome all skydivers to dropzone Skärstad to jump with us. Doesn't matter if you are a turkey or a skygod, come and jump and stay for BBQ, relaxed environment or just enjoy the beautiful nature.



Prices depending on altitude for jumpers with a active skydive license. Pay is possible with credit card/debit card, we no longer handle cash at our dropzone.


144 SEK
210 SEK


Skydivers with active licenses that wish to rent rig/equipment is 75 SEK per jump. Our students have priority on our equipment.  

Account numbers

Linköpings fallskärmsklubbs account numbers (BG):
Jump account 5985-8365
Dropzone 384-0931
Course 5985-8373

Map over dropzone Skärstad

Bild över hoppfältet Skärstad 
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